Sustainability & Development

From ensuring workers’ health & safety to meeting new standards of the changing environment; we effort to engage in the most sustainable ways of doing things. Our laundry section is equipped with an Effluent Treatment Plant that treats waste-water to the recommended level of BOD, COD, TDS, TSS parameters, ensuring safe discharge of water that keeps in harmony with mother nature.

Additionally, our periodical audits conserve regulation of noise and air ambience to provide a sustainable working environment.

Moreover, we are continuously working to improve sustainability by establishing effective EMS, reliable use of 3R, proper water management, improved boiler solutions for reduced environmental impact and better energy efficiency. With the help of ZDHC, we are working on eliminating hazardous chemical footprints and focusing on using low EIM chemicals in our production process to avoid environment pollution.

Latest sustainable methods, that reduce footprints, included us on board with technologies like lasers, e-flow, etc.