Effluent Treatment

At Maxcom International (BD) Ltd, we are equipped with a modern effluent treatment plant (ETP), treating 100% of our wastewater to a standard well above the minimum requirements. We received H&M’s highest recognition for ETP, the Green ETP Certification and today we are one step away from achieving a Zero Discharge ETP.

Online Instrumentation

The innovative digital sensors in this system represent the state of the art in process measuring. A new controller family MIQ/MC2 with integrated USB and LAN interfaces opens the IQ Sensor Net system to the future-proof world of internet communication via TCP/IP technology. The new spectral UV-VIS sensors CarboVis®, NitraVis®, and NiCaVis® allow for chemical-free measurements of COD, TDS, BOD, TSS, PH directly in the wastewater process. The IQ Sensor Net system is therefore the most flexible, digitally based system that provides from 1 to 20 measuring points.

Rain Water Harvesting

Maxcom International (BD) Ltd harvests rainwater on an area of 45,000 square-feet to use directly into wet processing. The aim of rain water harvesting project is to reduce dependency on ground water reserves. In the wet season of 2018-2019, Maxcom rainwater harvesting project aims to save around 5,000 cubic meter of rain water.

Less water in Washing

Maxcom washing plant utilizes the latest washing technologies for laundry manufactures. In an approximate, with only about 25 to 30 liters of water is used per pieces of garment wash in our average process. These water savings have seen a very high commendation by the IFC Cleaner Production Programme.