Over the last 2 decades, global fashion market has shaped our production team to take on new ventures with some of the most experienced individuals across entire nation.
Production processes are managed by most skilled professionals who give their highest attention to each detail. To assist the process, we are using spreader & auto cutter to accelerate & perfect the manufacturing development.

CAD Section

First stage in the production line is the pattern making section. Our CAD division uses Lectra software:
1. Diamino
2. Modaris

Cutting Section

The second stage in line is the cutting section. In this section, materials are cut in the pattern determined and designed in the previous section.

  1. We have automated system for cutting the pattern. We have LECTRA Auto Cutter Machine.
  2.  Our cutting division has 3 units.
  3.  Cutting Capacity in Cutting division is 75000 pcs/day